Frequently asking questions

Question Answer
How can I change default nickname? Nickname can be changed in game launcher, on settings form
Where can I get new worlds? New worlds are available for downloading in game and on this site
How to install a world, downloaded from site? 1. Unpack zip archive
2. Move mp3 file to
3. Create new folder in
"[game_folder]\Worlds" and move other files to this folder
How to play online? You can play online via Internet. First player starts new game and opens it for networking. Other players in main menu clicking Cooperative, finding created game and connecting. Online game requires password, that is generated by first player. Max 5 players in one game
Online game doesn't work - Make sure your friend has opened game via Internet (in pause menu) and you entered the correct password
- Check accessibility of the game server (ip
- Try restart your router or disable firewall
- Then restart the game and try to connect again
How to create my own world? Use World editor. Create new world in it and then follow checklist. You will also need to draw pictures of this world in any graphic editor, at your choice. If something seems too hard for understanding - you can open one of existing worlds for reference. When your world will be finished - select "Publish" and just send it to Email hangoutgame@yandex.ru for moderation