Versions history

Description of changes in every version

Version: Alpha 1.2
Release date: 31 Mar 2021
(Current version)

Version changes:

  • - Added World editor

  • - Optimized net traffic during shooting

  • - Removed downloading music tracks with worlds

Version: Alpha 1.1.1
Release date: 1 Feb 2021

Version changes:

  • - Fixed bug with achievement "Almost dead", when player got this achievement even if he is actually dead in game

Version: Alpha 1.1
Release date: 30 Jan 2021

Version changes:

  • - Added network game

  • - Added host player nick in password form

  • - Added request of current active online games without filter when opening Cooperative screen

  • - Added messaging from server

  • - Added HP bar near every player in online game if his HP is not at maximum

  • - Fixed bug when current active online games in Cooperative screen dont appear if player clicks Cooperative button too fast after exiting previous online game

  • - Fixed bug when online game does not appear in Cooperative screen if player does not have this world in the game folder

Version: Alpha 1.0.1
Release date: 29 Jan 2021

Hi! This is the very first published version of the game. It is under development now. Information about changes in new versions will appear on this page as soon as new version is published